James Lovelock books reviewed and video interview

James Lovelock fears that humanity faces widespread death and mass migration as Earth’s systems become further unbalanced by climate change. Andrew Watson of the University of East Anglia reviews Lovelock’s new book, as well as a biography of Lovelock and his ideas, in Nature (458, 970-971; 2009). From the review:

“Lovelock’s vision of sudden and imminent collapse is apocalyptic, but for our long-term future and that of the planet it might be preferable to some of the alternatives. Suppose, for instance, that our profligate ways and expanding population are sustained for the rest of this century, but at a huge cost — the complete loss of all the natural ecosystems of the world. Most of us, living in cities and insulated from the natural environment, would barely notice until it was too late to do anything about it. This is what many politicians, economists and industrialists seem to want — their mantra of unceasing economic growth implies that we should take for ourselves all Gaia’s resources and squeeze from them the maximum short-term gain, leaving nothing for the future.”

James Lovelock sounds a final warning for planet Earth and enthuses about his upcoming space trip in a free NatureVideo interview with Oliver Morton, Nature’s chief News and Features editor.

Books reviewed:

The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning

by James Lovelock

Allen Lane/Basic Books: 2009. 192 pp./ 288 pp. £20/$25

By at Amazon: US site; UK site.

He Knew He Was Right: The Irrepressible Life of James Lovelock and Gaia

by John Gribbin & Mary Gribbin

Allen Lane/Princeton University Press: 2009. 256 pp/272 pp. £20/$24.95

Buy at Amazon: US site; UK site.

Many other NatureVideos can be accessed via the journal’s video archive.

See also the Nature video channel at YouTube.


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