NPG announces Lipidomics Gateway

Nature Publishing Group is pleased to announce the launch of the Lipidomics Gateway – a free, comprehensive resource for researchers interested in lipid biology. The site enables users to stay abreast of developments each month from across the field, and explore the rich information collections, tools and resources from the LIPID MAPS consortium. Each month it is updated with specially written content from Nature Publishing Group editors, including research highlights, news, events and a growing research library.

The LIPID MAPS (Lipid Metabolites and Pathways Strategy) consortium is a multi-institutional effort to further our understanding of lipid metabolism and the role lipids play in diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and cancer. The consortium takes a systems biology approach using the mouse macrophage as a model system, and provides tools and resources for the wider community.

Lipidomics Gateway update (new content added each month).

Events calendar – a directory of meetings, conferences and events of interest to lipid researchers.

Lipidomics Gateway resources.

Lipidomics Gateway search.

About the Lipidomics Gateway.

About LIPID MAPS – the consortium, key people, core labs and bridges.


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