What’s on blogs: April 09

Here’s a summmary of some posts from staff blogs over the past month or so that might be of interest to scientists as authors, communicators and peer reviewers:

Sceptical Chymist: Why Johathan Clayden became a chemist.

The Great Beyond: Update on the controversial change of rules for grant applications to the UK Engineering and physical science research council.

Nautilus: Nature Structural and Molecular Biology on the NPG press office service for authors.

The Niche: NIH issues draft guidelines for stem-cell research.

In the Field: Quirin Schiermeier blogs from the 2009 European Geosciences Union conference.

The Great Beyond: "Voodoo” no more.

Climate feedback: Is climate change research really social science?

Sceptical Chymist: Questions to and answers from Alan Aspuruguzik and Shana Kelley.

The Great Beyond: Rally in support of research on live animals.

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