Nature, science, culture and film in New York this month

Nature editors and journalists are at the World Science Festival in New York this week (10- 14 June), reporting at In The Field blog, so track them there to see what’s happening at this wide-ranging festival of science, culture and society. Among the speakers are Alan Alda, Joshua Bell, John Barrow, Sean Carroll, Glenn Close, Harrison Ford, James Hanson, Margaret Livingstone, Sarah Hrdy, Paul Nurse, Harold Varmus, Frank Wilczek, Edward O. Wilson and a host of others.

Also in New York this summer is the Imagine Science film festival (ISFF) , “fusing science and film”, on 26 June. Imagine Science Films aims to encourage collaboration between scientists and filmmakers, and is seeking films that “effectively incorporate science into a compelling narrative while maintaining credible scientific groundings.” Nature Publishing Group is supporting the 2009 ISFF Nature Scientific Merit Award, in which a jury panel will select the film from those submitted that exemplifies science in storytelling and narrative filmmaking in a compelling, credible and inspiring manner. Last year’s winner was Jessica Sharzer for her film The Wormhole (watch it here). The deadline for submissions for this year’s award is the end of July: more details about submission can be found at the Imagine website.


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    Caryn Shechtman said:

    The NY hub on the NN is planning on organizing a WSF blog carnival. Contact Barry Hudson (hub blogger) if you are interested in participating.

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