Vote for Method of the Year

From Nature Methods 6, 547 (2009): It is difficult to dispute the idea that some methodological developments have the power to strongly influence the pace and direction of scientific inquiry. For each of the last two years, Nature Methods has celebrated this by selecting a methodology we felt had demonstrated the potential for such an impact.

In 2007, we picked next-generation sequencing, and this class of methods has already had a profound effect on the conduct of biological research. Only time will tell what the impact of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy—our choice in 2008—will be.

Last year, we invited you—our readers—to participate by nominating and voting for methodological developments. We are now halfway through 2009, and it is time once again to ask for your input. Visit our Method of the Year webpage and vote on a selection of methodologies or nominate a method yourself.

You may nominate any recent method or class of methods, published anywhere in the scientific literature, that you believe is likely to have a profound impact on future biological research. You are welcome to nominate a method that you yourself developed, but please acknowledge your connection to it.

We will take the results of the popular vote into consideration when choosing the Method of the Year 2009, and the votes will also serve as inspiration for picking the Methods to Watch that accompany it. So start thinking about methods to nominate, and vote for your choice of Method of the Year 2009!


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