Goodbye from Nature Reports Stem Cells

We are sad to announce that this month brings the last update of Nature Reports Stem Cells.

When we launched in June 2007, we wanted to support the stem cell field and the interested public by providing freely available content. Stem cell research was then – and is still – exciting and expanding. It requires highly varied experts to think and work together, and it requires the support and understanding of non-scientists. We believe we have been successful in creating a venue that highlights and explores the many facets and implications of stem cell science. It is now time for us to move on to fresh publishing challenges.

We have been helped by many contributors and experts who have generously given their time and insight. We give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who wrote articles or gave interviews, advice, and words of encouragement.

NRSC and its blog, the Niche, will continue to remain online as an archive. Nature and its sister titles remain committed, as ever, to publishing new research and news about stem cells.

Monya Baker, Editor

Natalie DeWitt, Editor at Large


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