Nature Medicine classics collection

In 2010, Nature Medicine will celebrate 15 years as the leading translational-research journal. To mark this anniversary, the journal has launched the Nature Medicine Classics Collection. This collection brings together some landmark articles published in Nature Medicine over the past 15 years, making them freely available to all readers together with a series of recent articles on different fields of biomedicine to illustrate the breadth of the journal.

The Nature Medicine editors write: Since 1995, our journal has been at the forefront of publishing translational medicine, way before the term was even coined. Our focus on publishing basic and preclinical work that has direct relevance to human disease has been a key characteristic of Nature Medicine that has helped establish the reputation of the journal in the translational research landscape.

To put together this sampler, we have chosen a series of recent articles from our pages, organized them by therapeutic area, and made them freely available in order to give you a glimpse of the breadth of Nature Medicine’s coverage, as well as the quality of the science we publish.

In addition, we have chosen a few landmark articles that we had the privilege to publish over the past 15 years in an effort to illustrate why Nature Medicine is the home of translational research.

Nature Medicine Classics Collection by subject:

Classic articles


Cardiovascular disease


Infectious diseases



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