Nature reprint collection: immuno-epigentics

Epigenetic mechanisms are increasingly appreciated to have an important role in immune cell functional diversity and adaptability, and understanding these mechanisms holds considerable potential for revealing new opportunities to therapeutically modulate the immune response in a range of diseases.

This Nature Reprint Collection provides a compilation of some of the research papers that have contributed to the advances in the field of immune cell epigenetics, as well as reviews discussing aspects of this new and exciting field. The collection brings together articles from Nature, Nature Immunology, Nature Reviews Immunology and Nature Reviews Drug Discovery that have contributed to advances and discussions in the field of immune cell epigenetics.

The articles in this collection are freely available online until 30 April 2010.

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See also: Epigenetic Dynamics in the Immune System, a conference organized by Nature Immunology and Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, 19 February 2010 in San Antonio, Texas.


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