Poster on the rise of p53 at Nature Reviews


Nature Reviews Cancer and Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology present a free poster on the rise of p53, by Bert Vogelstein and Carol Prives. “In 1979 the discovery of p53 was reported. The gene encoding p53 (TP53) was initially believed to be an oncogene but 10 years later it was correctly characterized as a tumour suppressor, which led to a steep rise in p53 research. We now know that the protein encoded by TP53 — one of the most commonly mutated tumour suppressor genes in human cancer — regulates many important biological activities and is itself regulated through post-translational modifications that are induced by sensors of cell stress. This Poster highlights some of the key discoveries from the past 30 years that have led to our current understanding of p53 biology and complements the ”">Nature Reviews Cancer Focus on p53 – 30 years on, comprised of articles that reflect the history and the emerging directions of p53 in cancer research."

The rise of p53: download poster and view timeline.

View/download a high-resolution PDF of the poster.


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