Happy tenth birthday to Nature Cell Biology


Nature Cell Biology was launched ten years ago to provide a forum to “foster the exchange of ideas between all areas of cell biology”, and the Editorial in the current issue reflects on how cell biology has evolved during this time (11, 1389-1390; 2009). “The journal’s ”">first editorial noted that cell biology is a “broad discipline” that includes membrane traffic, cytoskeletal dynamics, adhesion, apoptosis, cell division, nuclear organization and signal transduction. Ten years later, these areas remain at the heart of the journal’s scope. As cell and developmental biologists have moved to dissect biological processes at the molecular and cellular level, so too have molecular biologists increasingly investigated ‘where’ and ‘when’ molecular processes occur in the cell. Nature Cell Biology has vigorously kept apace with these fundamental shifts in the field. In the past decade, the rate of discovery in cell biology has been driven by technological breakthroughs on various fronts — imaging and high-throughput genomic and proteomic approaches, to name a few — and these changes too are reflected in our pages. To mark this anniversary, we have assembled a collection of papers published over the past decade, spanning the diverse subject areas covered by the journal." The papers are representative of the journal’s scope and quality, but the list is not intended to be comprehensive.

Focus: A decade of Nature Cell Biology.


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