Method of the year, 2009


Nature MethodsMethod of the Year 2009 goes to induced pluripotency for its potential for biological discovery. A series of articles in the January issue of the journal — and a related video — showcase how induced pluripotency is coming into its own as a tool for discovery in both basic and disease biology, and explore the incredible impact this area promises to have in biological research. Also in this special feature is Methods to Watch, providing a glimpse of future Methods of the Year; and Reader’s Choice, noting methods nominated by readers and editors, and the votes that they received.

Streaming video of Method of the Year 2009. See how iPS cells were developed, and how they are now being used as tools in biological research. (The video is available at the Nature Methods website and at YouTube.)

Nature Methods journal website.

Methagora, the Nature Methods editors’ blog.


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