Nature paper a candidate for the Lancet’s “paper of the year” 2009


A Nature paper is on the shortlist for The Lancet‘s 2009 Paper of the Year award, which was announced on Friday 22 January 2010. The journal invites people to “read the eight shortlisted papers and vote for the one you feel will most shape clinical research or practice”. From the Lancet’s introduction: The candidate papers cover a broad range of science from genomics to surgery to public health, and will inform research, clinical practice, and health policy. These strong contenders address common questions, such as predicting cardiac mortality; and common problems, such as the burdens of alcohol and obesity on mortality. The papers also provide information that can be applied immediately to inform care for HIV in resource-poor settings, or to improve the safety of surgery in any setting.

The Nature paper that is on the shortlist is: Complex landscapes of somatic rearrangement in human breast cancer genomes, by P. J. Stephens et al., Nature 462, 1005—1012 (2009). You can vote here for your preferred paper from the shortlist.


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