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Tomorrow’s Giants conference in July

Tomorrow's Giants conference in July

The Royal Society and Nature present: Tomorrow’s Giants, a conference on 1 July 2010 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London, UK Tomorrow’s Giants will bring together scientists and policy makers to gather scientists vision of the next 50 years, to address questions such as: What is required to enable academic achievement of the highest quality? What will science be like in 10 and in 50 years time? What will be the main goals and challenges? Attendance at the conference is by application. Applications are encouraged by The Royal Society and Nature from early and mid-career scientists with an  … Read more

Nature Events directory available as free digital edition

Nature Events directory available as free digital edition

This year’s Nature events directory is now available as a digital edition. Nature events is the premier resource for scientists looking for the latest scientific conferences, courses, meetings and symposia. It is an essential reference guide to scientific events worldwide: for delegates discussing hot issues and opinion, through to networking and collaboration, events provide a platform for learning and advancement. To help plan which events to attend in the year ahead, Nature events publish an annual directory of global scientific events in the last Nature issue of every year. The annual Nature events Directory is also available as a print  … Read more

Nature Medicine’s wake-up call on intellectual property rights

Intellectual-property protection is a key driver of innovation, and researchers are always keen to file patents to shield their discoveries. Yet scientists often have an uninformed view of the value of their intellectual property. This naiveté slows down translational research. So concludes the November Editorial in Nature Medicine (15, 1229; 2009).  Read more

Two views of the Lindau Nobel chemistry laureates’ meeting

Each year since 1951, young researchers and Nobel laureates have gathered on the shores of Lake Constance for a unique scientific conference. In 2009 the meeting was dedicated to chemistry, and laureates and students all came away enriched by their experiences. Martin Chalfie, one of the three recipients of the 2008 Nobel prize in Chemistry, reports what they learned from each other in the November issue of Nature Chemistry (1, 586-587; 2009) He writes:  … Read more

Scientific American editor talks on the origins of our world, 1 Oct

Via Nature Network: The Acting Editor-in-Chief of Scientific American, Mariette DiChristina, will be talking about the beginning of… everything! The event takes place at the 92YTribeca in New York on Thursday, 1 October at 6:30 p.m. local time. Tickets are $12 and include a one year subscription to Scientific American. For more information check out the 92Y website or read Caryn Shechtman’s Nature Network New York post.  Read more

Personal genomes and medicine at the British Library

Personal GenoME & Medicine: Hype or Reality? So runs the title of the next Talkscience evening at the British Library in London on 23 September. As usual, there is a Nature Network forum to provide more details of the event and to start the discussion going online before the meeting itself, so readers are encouraged to check that out and contribute ideas. How is cheaper, faster DNA sequencing helping or hindering our ability to understand disease, treatment and prevention? Which of the many single-nucleotide polymorphisms that have been identified in genome-wide association studies might be causal to a disease? How will advances in genome technologies lead to better diagnosis and treatments? What are the legal, ethical and other issues concerning “direct to consumer” personalised genomics?  Read more

NSMB on US visa procedures for scientists

The US State Department promises to accelerate the visa process for foreign graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, a promise welcomed by Nature Structural & Molecular Biology in its July Editorial (16, 677; 2009). The Editorial decries the occasions when researchers have been severely delayed in trying to obtain or renew visas, leaving some stranded and others unable to travel to the United States for work or to attend scientific meetings.  Read more

Thursday 25 June: Women in Science, Engineering and Technology – and the recession

The UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology is hosting an evening of speakers and discussion on Thursday 25 June at the Institute of Physics,London, 6pm – 8.30pm (approx). There are some spaces left – men and women are very welcome, but booking in advance is essential.  Read more