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Weekly round up

What’s been on The Great Beyond this week…

Monday February 25

Biofuel flight hype / Dead in the water / Splatellite: Confirming the Kill

Tuesday February 26

Solar mission freezes to death / Antidepressants ‘no better than placebo’ / Physicists peer deep into standard model; find nothing. / Butterfly fish… too stupid to live?

Wednesday February 27

Website: too popular to live / Elephants: too many to live / US officials clarify climate policy – or do they?

Thursday February 28

Who could replace Dawkins? / Armed robot rampage / UK astronomers keep telescope access / Remember those planets… however many there are / Induced stem cells made safe?

Friday February 29

Baby bonanza to come in China / The ritualistic recipe for ‘Maya blue’ / Mars Space Lab in trouble


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