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Seriously people, who broke the loo?

toilet CORBIS.JPGA serious problem has arisen on the International Space Station. The toilet, which uses a fan to move waste in the absence of gravity, is broken.

“Troubleshooting continues on the Russian ASU toilet facility,” notes the latest status report. “Almost all system components have been changed out at this time, including the separator with no improvement in function.”

The NY Times notes that the solid waste collector is working normally but the liquid waste collector isn’t.

According to AP, a “bag-like” back-up system is in operation. “Like any home anywhere the importance of having a working bathroom is obvious,” says NASA spokesman Allard Beutel.

MSNBC says a “major new unit” will be launched later this year. I suspect it can’t arrive soon enough for the ISS crew.

Image: Corbis


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