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Monday June 16

Discovery touches down / Advertising to aliens / Suit up! Next-gen space wear is here / Can fMRI tell if I secretly love the Yankees?

Tuesday June 17

Super science books sale / Straight men and gay women have similar brains / Cheating across the world / In the beginning was the word…

Wednesday June 18

‘Big sexy’ dinosaurs of the day / What does N stand for? Nonsense? / Chimps’ canny coquettish calling / Wikitannica

Thursday June 19

Songs about science VII: ‘It’s a long way from Amphioxus’ / Can cloned cells cure cancer? / Medical scans get a splash of colour

Friday June 20

Sea surface science satellite launches / Whale watching worldwide / Don’t worry Australia, you’re not fatter than America

Other Nature blog posts you may have missed

In the Field: just call it ice!

Spoonful of Medicine: is there any point to menu labeling?

Ones that got away

Stalin’s secret atom bomb lab, from Reuters

Why fuel prices threaten research boats, from the San Diego Union Trib.


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    Mark Alpert said:

    Here’s some news about the neutrino research program at Fermilab; this item appeared on Scientific American’s Sciam Observations blog. As far as I can tell, MicroBooNE has not yet been written about in the science press.

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    Sergio Stagnaro MD said:

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    One complete article, unfortunately written in Italian,posted in numerous websites, is following:Stagnaro Sergio e Paolo Manzelli. L’Esperimento di Lory. Scienza e Conoscenza, N° 23, 13 Marzo 2008.

    Due to the positive, favorable influence, e.g., in both clinical research and bedside diagnosing (Bibliography in my website: 16 articles), Lory’s Experiment, so I think based on my experience on normal and patients, is worthy of critical diacussion.

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