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Ones that got away

“Patents whose procedures are hard to reproduce are familiar to every industrial chemist, unfortunately, but coming across one that seems completely mistaken in its most important details is rare. And this is the first time I’ve seen one of these dragged out into the open literature for a give-and-take with the original authors about whether they’re delusional or not.”

Chemist Derek Lowe looks over a spat between researchers (In the pipeline blog).

“It had grabbed the tube that pulls out the water and caused it to spray outside the tank.”

Nick Fash, of the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, explains how an octopus came to flood the facility (LA Times).

“Thanks to lessons learnt in crane school we now have the feathery-fingered skills to raise crane chicks.”

Debbie Pain, director of conservation at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, on plans to reintroduce cranes to the UK (Daily Telegraph).

“In hospital they told me that I was very very lucky…. I still have all my fingers but it could up end really worse if the magnets collided in a other way.”

The dangers of neodymium magnets explained by ‘Dirk from the Netherlands’ (Magnet Nerd).



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