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Songs about Science XV: You can’t fool the children of evolution

A German group named after a famous heretic has decided to celebrate Darwin’s 200th birthday by campaigning to have the Ascension Day public holiday renamed ‘Evolutionstag’ (Evolution Day).

Ascension Day is when many Christians celebrate supposed return of Jesus to heaven, it normally falls in May. As Spiegel notes in its coverage of the campaign, most holidays in Germany have Christian roots, although a third of the population is atheist.

The Giordano Bruno Foundation, which is behind Evolutionstag, says it is time for a secular holiday. (Bruno advocated heliocentrism and was burned as the stake in 1600, although many believe this was more to do with his unorthodox views of god than his astronomy musing.)

To spread their message they’ve made this song.

[Hat tip: Pharyngula]

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    Earl Wajenberg said:

    Planting your own holiday on top of a rival holiday is, of course, an old custom; Christmas was scheduled to overwrite the pagan Roman Saturnalia, not because there was any indication that Jesus was born in December.

    The key word, though, it “rival.” By putting their Evolutionstag on top of Ascension Day, the Giorndano Bruno Foundation are making another move in the religion-vs-science quarrel, rather than making any neutral move or one for conciliation. Their name would lead one to expect nothing else, though Bruno himself was far from secular in his outlook.

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