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Atlantis blasts off

atlantis1.jpgAtlantis has launched from Kennedy Space Center and is en route to the International Space Station (ISS). The flawless launch was marked by the usual ear-splitting explosions and awesome fire that propelled the shuttle into the Florida clear skies.

The six astronauts on board will deliver 27,000 pounds of gyroscopes, ammonia tanks and other equipment and bring home flight engineer Nicole Scott, who has been at the ISS since August. (AFP)

The 11-day mission, which will include three space walks to work on the ISS exterior, will be the sixth-to-last shuttle launch before NASA’s space shuttle fleet retires in September 2010.

To publicize the launch as broadly as possible, NASA invited over 100 Tweeters to watch the launch while Twittering under #nasatweetup.



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