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VIDEO: Fukushima nuclear crisis, six months later

The meltdown of three nuclear reactors at the Fukushima power plant has led to an ongoing crisis in Japan. Nature Video provides an update on efforts to stabilize the reactors, and the consequences of the emergency for Japan and nuclear power worldwide.

Check out our previous video on the emergency itself.

See also our news special on the Fukushima crisis, and our coverage in Japanese.


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    FrancoisDM said:

    This video is interesting as it finally shows the post-disaster images (actually still ongoing but the peak passed) from the site that were missing since the accident.

    A comment though. The commentary is questionable when saying that nuclear safety will improve to avoid future Fukushima-like disasters. This is true to some extend but nuclear safety design faces a serious system problem which is the presence of ignorance (not to be confused with uncertainty). And in presence of ignorance, all probabilistic risk assessments can be considered as true until we live the consequences of this ignorance. Hand-in-hand, ignorance and probabilistic risk assessments have never got along so well…

    This issue is discussed more in detail here and in my future publications:

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