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Got Genes? Win £100

Nature is currently running a poll about how interested people are in obtaining personal genome information. No prior knowledge or interest in genome-sequencing technology is required. All you have to have are genes.

The poll was created with the cooperation of bloggers at Genomes Unzipped, which ran a similar survey last year. Results will be incorporated in future Nature coverage. Take part and you could win a $150/£100 gift card to

Update: After some deliberation, commenting on this post has been closed. Sorry! We’d prefer all responses be directed to the poll so as not to colour the opinions of other respondents.


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    Stephen Uitti said:

    I’m not terribly interested yet. The science is pretty immature, the costs are still dropping like a stone, and I have good family medical history. However, my adopted son has no known family history, and will likely be very interested in ten years or so.

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