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    Cesar Sirvent Sempere said:

    It is not clear if the mistake in the measurements was due to a faulty optical fiber connection.
    In any case, the “Sagnac-satellite effect” is in the same order of magnitude and even close to the discrepance, but I am not confident that we will ever know the exact problem with the measurement.
    More info on this effect is explained here:

    With the corrected parameters, the result was close to the 18 meters necessary to explain the anomaly.

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    Torbjorn Larsson said:

    According to <a href=”“”>Matt Strassler</a> this “is resolved”. “We do not yet have official information from OPERA about this, but talks given at a mini-workshop a couple of days ago make clear that this is the case.”

    We have to await official statements of course, but it would be unrealistic to suggest another resolution at this point.

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    Vladimir Leonov said:

    Dear Antonio! Thanks for the answer.
    I insist that your research to determine the speed of the neutrino is the only positive result that is obtained at the LHC. Higgs boson has not been detected because it contradicts Einstein’s theory. Einstein explained gravity as a factor in the curvature of space-time. No need to enter a new Higgs field so that to explain the nature of formation mass of elementary particles. To solve the problem of formation of the mass need to be developed the ideas of Einstein’s curved space-time. This was done in the theory of Superunification.

    I am surprised illogicality of what is happening in the fundamental science. We built the LHC so that to find the Higgs boson which is contrary to the ideas of Einstein’s curved space-time. The Higgs field is not the Einstein field. This was proved in the theory of Superunification.

    Dear Antonio, you have proved experimentally that the rate of neutrinos can reach the speed of light. In this case the neutrino mass does not increase to infinite value. This is possible only in one case, if the neutrino has no mass. This does not contradict Einstein’s theory. You have a fundamental result and the unique positive result which justifies all expenses for the LHC.

    You are right.
    Kind regards,

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