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Apology accepted, climate scientist reinstated at Pacific Institute

The Pacific Institute has reinstated Peter Gleick as president following an embarrassing episode in which Gleick lied to obtain internal documents from the right-wing Heartland Institute, a leading force in the global-warming-denial movement (documented by Nature in ‘The sceptic meets his match‘).

In a statement posted on its website, the Pacific Institute, based in Oakland, California, accepted Gleick’s apology and cited an independent investigation confirming his account of the events. Gleick admitted to lying about his identity to gain access to strategic and financial records at Heartland, but he denied forging one of the key documents that Heartland says was a fake (Gleick says he received the document through the mail, anonymously).

Heartland Institute President Joe Bast dismissed the investigation as a “whitewash”. A spokeswoman for the Pacific Institute, Nancy Ross, said the investigation report was conducted by a company called Independent Employment Counsel, but is a personnel matter and thus remains confidential. Ross also said members of the institute’s board are not accepting interviews.

For the record, Nature staked out its position on the matter in an editorial titled ‘Over the line‘.

Photo: Pacific Institute


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