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European Food Safety Authority slams GM maize study

“Of insufficient scientific quality to be considered as valid for risk assessment.”

“The design, reporting and analysis of the study, as outlined in the paper, are inadequate.”

“Presently unable to regard the authors’ conclusions as scientifically sound.”

These are the conclusions of an initial review by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) of a paper published late last month, which claimed that rats fed on Monsanto’s NK 603 maize or its companion glyphosate-based herbicide, Round-Up, showed higher incidences of cancer.

The EFSA’s 9-page review reiterates many of the criticisms of the research already voiced by researchers (see ‘Rat study sparks GM furore‘). The EFSA also complained that insufficient data from the experiments were presented in the paper, and called on the authors to share more of the data with it “in the name of openness and transparency”.

Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) earlier this week also published an initial assessment of the paper that reached similar conclusions.


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    Michael Chisnall said:

    So what happens when Seralini doesn’t cough up the data requested by the EFSA?

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