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Millions of TB cases going undetected, says WHO

Around 3 million people who were infected with tuberculosis in 2012 were not picked up by global health systems, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed. In addition, the testing and treatment of patients with drug-resistant forms of the disease are inadequate, according to the body’s 2013 Global Tuberculosis Report, published today.  Read more

Guarded welcome for EU fisheries reform vote

Researchers and activists campaigning for reforms to Europe’s fisheries saw their worst-case scenario avoided in a vote in the EU Parliament today. However some of a multibillion-euro fund for supporting fishing will still go to activities they claim are damaging and retrograde.  Read more

Immunologist calls on university to disclose details of misconduct claims

An immunologist accused last year by the National University of Singapore (NUS) of “serious scientific misconduct” relating to 21 research papers says he refutes the accusations, and is calling on the university to make public its report into the matter.  Read more

United Nations embraces science’s best minds

United Nations embraces science's best minds

Just another talking club or a genuine attempt to give science more weight in policy matters of global importance? Time will tell if the United Nations’ newly created Scientific Advisory Board whose members were announced last week, will indeed influence the business of international policy-making in practice.  Read more