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US experiment to vote on dark matter

A US experiment is poised to resolve confusion over whether dark matter has already been detected. The Large Underground Xenon Experiment (LUX) at Sanford Underground Laboratory in Lead, South Dakota — announced on 15 October that it will release its first results on 30 October.

LUX began taking data earlier this year, promising to rival or even surpass limits on dark-matter detection set by a competitor, XENON-100, which is located at Gran Sasso National Laboratory near L’Aquila, Italy. In 2011, XENON-100 ruled out many heavier and more strongly interacting dark matter particles, but its result is in tension with tantalizing data hinting at the existence of light dark-matter particles from two other US experiments, the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS), and the CoGeNT experiment, both at Soudan Underground Laboratory in Minnesota. With more than 350 kilograms of liquid xenon held underground to snare dark-matter particles as they pass through the Earth, LUX might become the deciding vote. “I’m cautiously optimistic this could be the final word on the situation,” says dark-matter theorist Dan Hooper of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois.

Of course the final word on whether CDMS and CoGeNT’s dark-matter particles are real is far from the final word on whether dark matter is detectable on Earth; more weakly interacting particles could still be out there, and plans exist to scale up both XENON-100 and LUX to try to find them.

Corrected October 24 to reflect that the CDMS is co-located with CoGeNT at Soudan Underground Laboratory.


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    Shree kant said:

    Dark Matter present everywhere, even in our surrounding but only sizes are different [depending on size & number of dark atom constituting it]. It follows the super-symmetry. To find the dark matter we have to search it either near its originating place or near its favorite destination. Since at present, we can not reach its originating position or its more favorite destination like stars,…, we are compelled to search it near earth. For more impact we have to do the experiment at more depth inside the earth [if possible-next time] than our present or previous experiment.

    The dark matter interact white matter very weakly but continuously. It is not static it can move very fast depending on ….. It formed regularly at…. It play a very important role in all the phenomenon of our surrounding too.

    If we think that by using the knowledge [property] of 4-6%[White (Baryonic) Matter], we have correctly explained or going to explain the 100%, then we are in ‘confusion’.

    The knowledge of 76-74% [Dark Atom, Matter & Energy] may not change the process, effects & formula, but certainly changes the basic theory behind it.

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    Priscilla Cushman said:

    Note Bene: The CDMS experiment is actually running in the same underground location as CoGeNT – specifically at the Soudan Underground Lab, not at Berkeley. Berkeley is one of 16 collaborating institutions working on this experiment.

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    Mohammad Shafiq Khan said:

    They have finally failed to detect the Dark Matter (read…/ and😉 and I have been crying for more than a year that Dark Matter just could not exist. How could they introduce Dark Matter under the adopted Cosmological Model which is based on GR which presumes space contains nothing. Einstein was a trickster which is unraveled through published scientific research articles and Einstein’s paradigm shift of physics has been shown to be based on a crackpot theory. The scientists who proposed the experiment for detecting Dark Matter should be taken to task for wasting millions of dollars because they were time and again informed that Dark Matter just could not exist with sufficient scientific evidences.
    There is a standing (till date) open challenge to the adopted paradigm of physics which could seen at…

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    Shree kant said:

    kindly refer to my conversation in this link

    Kindly refer to the response dated January 8, 2014 at 7:29 am, I want to contradict on following points & my views are:

    1. Dark matter is also made up of dark atom.

    2. Dark matter is more concentrated in the centre of galaxies but it is not the warehouse of them, it is the PRODUCTION HOUSE.

    3. Dark matter do not play a major role in galaxy formation, it is a part of GALAXY.

    4. Earth has less dark matter but it is not due to very large distance from galactic core.

    5. When I say smaller dark atom it means size not its concentration.

    6. Dark matter do not plays a direct role in star formation but its alignment will help in star formation just away the galactic core in DISC not in HALO.

    Yes, my assertions are appearing as pure speculation but all my comments (very short) on black holes, dark matter, supernova, gravity etc.(ref-below links) are on the basis of dark matter & dark energy.

    I can explain the cause of lots of phenomenon on which our scientists are working. I can give the evidences of my speculation by explaining the causes of gravity, formation stars, formation of planets, formation of moon, formation of dark atom, formation of dark energy, how dark atom are continuously interacting with the environment, why dark matter is more near galactic core?, what is the destination of dark atom formed in galactic core?, why we are unable to detect?, from where it is detected more?, formation of electron ring around the earth, why comet is not the source of life on earth, why neutrino found more near Antarctica, why a molded metal object remain in the same shape ….. these are only the few.

    I am delighted if your team member will guide me, where & how I can place my detailed work to cross check or amend it.

    Some of my comments on below mentioned topic are present in the link itself

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