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    Sergio Stagnaro said:

    Sincerely speaking, I consider the statement “Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are the runaway winners in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2014…” like a trivial mockery to the suffering humanity. There is a general agreement that CVD, T2DM, and Cancer are today’s growing epidemics. Neither Harvard University nor Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) proved unable to halt these epidemics. In my opinion, what accounts for this immense tragedy is that the best scientific insitutte around the world, including the two runaway winners in the QS World University Rankings, continue to overlook QBS Constitution-Dependent, Inherited Real Risks, bedside recognized from individual’s birth, i.e., with a common stethoscope, and removed by Quantum Therapy (References on request).

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    Wales P. Nematollahi said:

    The main difference between a university and a scientific research institute is that the former has graduates students and often post-doctoral researchers as well as laboratory and field technicians. Grads and post-docs arrive with a reasonable assumption that earning a graduate degree or completing a post-doc sill lead to career advancement. For over 20 years, there has been no guarantee of such for even well-performing (and lucky) grads and post-docs.

    A truer measure of a successful graduate program would be measurement of student outcomes, as the U.S. National Research council did a few years ago. Some programs with many published research articles have low outcomes, because students from those programs are lucky even to get interviews. Since there is no consequence for the grad program if students go nowhere, such programs have no pragmatic incentive to change.

    I recommend that all surveys, if they are to be taken more seriously, include the results of student outcomes. Also, the surveyors should check with the students. Just because a graduate is employed does not mean that graduate is employed at the level of his/her degree or even in the field. I recommend as well that countries that are enacting austerity measures cut the money pipe to those programs whose students are thrown out like yesterday’s newspaper.

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