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NASA announces instruments for 2020 Mars rover

NASA's 2020 Mars rover will carry seven instruments.

The rover that NASA is sending to Mars in 2020 will carry seven instruments geared to choosing just the right rocks to collect and store for future return to Earth. They include several firsts for Mars, including a zoomable camera, a machine to generate oxygen from carbon dioxide, and radar to explore geology up to half a kilometre deep.  Read more

Three HIV insights from sombre global meeting

Three HIV insights from sombre global meeting

The run-up to the 20th International AIDS Meeting, scheduled to wrap up on 25 July in Melbourne, was overshadowed by news that a three-year-old child once thought to be cured of HIV still harbors the virus — and by the horrific crash of Malaysian Airlines flight 17, which claimed the lives of six conference delegates.  Read more

Mosquitoes transmit chikungunya in continental US

Two people have acquired the mosquito-borne chikungunya virus within the continental United States, the state of Florida’s Department of Health announced today. The cases, one in Miami-Dade County and another in Palm Beach County, confirm that the virus has infected US mosquitoes.  Read more