Anti-GM groups attempt to sully transgenic control of dengue fever

The Aedes aegypti spreads dengue fever.

Genetically engineered mosquitoes developed by British biotech firm Oxitec as an approach to controlling dengue fever have been caught up in controversy since 6,000 of them were deliberately released to an uninhabited forest in Malaysia in a trial in December 2010.  Read more

Monsanto’s transgenic drought tolerant maize approved

Monsanto's transgenic drought tolerant maize approved

Agricultural biotechnology giant Monsanto has received the green light from the US Department of Agriculture to sell its transgenic drought tolerant maize (corn) MON 87460. The move marks the start of a new wave of biotech plants to reach the market engineered with traits tolerant to environmental stresses such as heat, and soils starved of nitrogen, phosphorus and other essential nutrients (Retuers). This second generation of transgenic crops moves beyond what until now has been a mainstay of the ag-biotech business: developing and selling pesticide- or herbicide-resistance crops, such as Monsanto’s Bt maize (See Nature’s feature on agricultural biotechnology companies  … Read more