Public opinion key to harnessing synthetic biology

Synthetic biology, heralded by some as the next biotechnology revolution, could be seriously undermined if the public is not informed about its potential benefits early on, according to an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report today.  Read more

Acid-bath stem-cell scientist apologizes and appeals

Haruko Obokata, the Japanese scientist at the centre of a controversy over studies purporting to turn mature cells to stem cells simply by bathing them in acid or subjecting them to mechanical stress, today apologized for her errors in the work.  Read more

Ancient hominin Little Foot older than thought

Little Foot, the world’s most complete hominin fossil, dates back much further than the widely thought 2.2 million years, and should help scientists narrow down the identity of the first human ancestor, according to new research published today in the Journal of Human Evolution*. The findings were announced at simultaneous press conferences in Paris and Johannesburg.  Read more

Seafaring robot braves sharks to scoop world record

Seafaring robot braves sharks to scoop world record

“He weathered gale force storms, fended off sharks, spent more than 365 days at sea, skirted around the Great Barrier Reef, and finally battled and surfed the East Australian Current to reach his final destination in Hervey Bay near Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.”  … Read more