Academies expose plight of jailed Turkish scientists

A human rights mission to Turkey to investigate the cases of eight scientists, engineers and medical doctors detained under vague but broad-ranging crimes like ‘attempting to overthrow the government’ has concluded that prosecutors have not provided convincing evidence of their guilt and called for all eight to be released.  Read more

Italian parliament approves sweeping restrictions to use of research animals

The Italian parliament has voted in favour of introducing extreme restrictions in the use of animals in research — which some scientists say would halt important biomedical research in the country.  Read more

‘Liberated’ mice from Italian lab now housed in poor conditions

Mice removed by protestors from a Milan lab arw

Two months after animal-rights activists broke into an animal facility at the University of Milan and removed hundreds of animals, photographs of many of the mice have appeared on the facebook page of one of the protestors’ supporters who uses the pen-name, Jooleea Carleenee.  Read more

Bulgarian scientists’ corruption protest slams PM’s mobile phone

Bulgarian scientists' corruption protest slams PM's mobile phone

Over 100 young Bulgarian scientists staged a second protest in Sofia yesterday, demanding that a competition for 14.8 million Lev ($9.8 million) from the Bulgarian National Science Fund (BNSF) be scrapped. They claim the winners were selected corruptly. They also demanded the resignation of research minister Sergei Ignatov, who has not addressed their corruption concerns.  Read more

German funding agency rules on long-running misconduct case

Germany’s main funding agency, the DFG, has imposed sanctions on Silvia Bulfone-Paus, the immunologist from the Research Centre Borstal who was at the centre of a data-manipulation scandal two years ago. An investigation committee commissioned by the centre had found that two lab members had manipulated data in four papers involving DFG-funded research on which they were first authors and lab-chief Bulfone-Paus was last author. In total 13 of her papers were retracted during 2011.  Read more