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Taiwan court set to decide on libel case against scientist

Taiwan court set to decide on libel case against scientist

A Taiwanese court will rule on 4 September in a libel lawsuit filed by a petrochemical company against an environmental engineer whose studies had suggested that a plant operated by the company was causing higher cancer rates in its vicinity.  Read more

Pharma industry moves towards greater openness

The pharmaceutical industry has signalled its willingness to open up the vast reservoirs of research data held by its companies this week. But campaigners and researchers pushing for more access to clinical trial data say the moves are little and late.  Read more

Tests confirm Pablo Neruda had terminal cancer

At the moment of his death, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda had a prostate cancer in advanced state, with extended metastasis, according to the first analysis of his remains, carried on by the Chilean Legal Medical Service (SML). The results were delivered yesterday to Mario Carroza, the prosecution judge who is investigating the cause of the Nobel Laureate’s death in 1973.  Read more

US chemist to stand trial over researcher’s death

Chemistry professor Patrick Harran, of the University of California, Los Angeles, will face trial on three counts of violating health and safety standards over the death of 23-year-old research assistant Sheharbano Sangji more than four years ago, a Los Angeles court judge ordered on 26 April.  Read more

Scientific society loses multimillion-dollar court battle

A ten year court battle waged by the world’s largest scientific society reached a critical juncture today when the Ohio Supreme Court handed down itslong-awaited verdict in ACS versus Leadscope, a case that began in 2002 when the non-profit American Chemical Society sued three former employees of its highly lucrative Chemical Abstracts Service, accusing them of stealing its intellectual property and using it to start Leadscope, a chemical information company based in Columbus, Ohio.  Read more