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Norway ditches large-scale carbon-capture plan

Norway’s government is cutting off support for a facility that by 2020 was to capture and store carbon dioxide emissions at a commercial scale. After years of delays and mounting costs, the plan to capture 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year from an oil refinery and gas power plant at Mongstad would be halted, said oil and energy minister Ola Borten Moe on 20 September.  Read more

EPA proposes emissions limits for new power plants

Following through on President Barack Obama’s climate strategy, the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday proposed greenhouse gas regulations that would effectively ban coal-fired power plants unless they are equipped to capture and sequester a portion of their carbon dioxide emissions.  Read more

European Parliament votes to limit crop-based biofuels

The European Union Parliament voted today to limit Europe’s use of biofuels based on crops such as palm oil and soya beans, years after scientists pointed out that making fuel from food crops can do more harm than good to the environment.  Read more

Management row threatens to blow Sahara solar dream

Plans to supply Europe with electricity generated in North Africa suffered another blow this week when the DESERTEC Foundation, set up in 2009 to promote the idea, pulled out of the industrial consortium which is trying to advance the €400 billion project.  Read more

US Senate approves Moniz for energy post and advances EPA nominee

US President Barack Obama’s science team gained a new member on 16 May as the Senate confirmed physicist Ernest Moniz to head the Department of Energy. Lawmakers also voted to advance the nomination of Gina McCarthy, Obama’s choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Read more

Obama nominates Moniz for energy, McCarthy for EPA

Obama nominates Moniz for energy, McCarthy for EPA

US President Barack Obama moved to fill a pair of key posts in his energy and environmental team on Monday. Confirming weeks of speculation, the president nominated Massachusetts Institute of Technology physicist Ernest Moniz as secretary of energy while promoting Gina McCarthy to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.  Read more

External review reaffirms hurdles for nuclear-fusion superlaser

If looks could trigger thermonuclear fusion....

Last autumn, the world’s most powerful laser missed a major milestone in its drive to produce thermonuclear fusion. Now the findings of an independent peer-review panel lay out in detail why achieving that goal is turning out to be so difficult.  Read more

Steven Chu to step down from energy post

Steven Chu

Steven Chu announced today that he will soon step down as head of the Energy Department, a move that had been widely anticipated. Nature this week previewed some of the potential replacements for Chu and other members of President Barack Obama’s environmental team.  Read more

Obama’s environmental team makes for the exit

Rumours of Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s imminent departure, swirling for weeks, picked up again on Thursday. If confirmed, the Nobel laureate’s departure would very nearly complete the list of resignations by members of President Barack Obama’s vaunted environment team.  Read more

Draft US climate assessment released for review

A US science advisory committee released a draft climate assessment for public review today, documenting a range of global warming impacts across the United States and declaring that more trouble is on the way in the coming decades.  Read more