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Europe to ban pesticides in effort to protect bees

No one is sure what is causing bee colonies to die off around the world, but pesticides called neonicotinoids may be part of the problem. Today,Europe’s  health commissioner Tonio Borg said the European Commission would go ahead with a continent-wide plan to severely restrict three of the most commonly-used pesticides in an effort to protect bee health.  Read more

FDA approves antisense cholesterol drug

The US Food and Drug Administration announced yesterday that it has approved Kynamro (mipomersen), an “antisense” drug designed to treat a rare condition that causes the accumulation of extremely high levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol. Antisense drugs are strands of nucleic acid, such as DNA, designed to bind to and inactivate the RNA produced by a given gene.  Read more

European unitary patent approved

Michel Barnier, Europe's Commissioner for Internal Market and Services

The European Parliament yesterday ended decades of wrangling over how to streamline the European Union’s patent system. On Tuesday 11 December it approved an ‘EU patent package’, an agreement among 25 member states to roll out a new unitary patent that will be valid in all signatory nations, and will be overseen by a single patent court.  Read more

Neurologist charged with insider trading

The phone calls began in 2007, if not earlier. After safety committee meetings regarding clinical trials of an experimental Alzheimer’s drug, neurologist  and committee-chairman Sidney Gilman would ring Mathew Martoma, a hedge-fund manager for CR Intrinsic Investors, based in Stamford, Connecticut, to fill him in on the latest data  … Read more

Research dogs shipped to India under airline’s radar

Research dogs shipped to India under airline's radar

Animal activists have known for some time that beagle puppies bred in China are regularly shipped to Indian contract research organizations like Bangalore-based Advinus, which uses them for drug toxicity studies, after which the animals are euthanized.  Read more