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Hollande pledges to avoid cuts to France’s science funding

PARIS – French President François Hollande today promised to spare the research and higher education budget from savings of €50 billion (US$67 billion) that his government has pledged to find over the next three years to reign in its massive public deficit.  Read more

UN climate talks conclude with a whimper, and a new forest policy

After two weeks of frustration and controversy, negotiators departed the United Nations climate talks in Warsaw Saturday with a landmark agreement on forests and a rough roadmap to the next headline summit in Paris two years hence.  Read more

Research fleet stays partly afloat

Research fleet stays partly afloat

The coastal town of Newport, Oregon, is normally bustling down at the docks. Fishermen take their boats out to harvest the bountiful Pacific Ocean and research vessels zip back and forth beneath the arched Yaquina Bay Bridge. But these days, Newport’s harbor is pretty quiet, says Clare Reimers, an oceanographer at Oregon State University in Corvallis.  Read more