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Welcome New Yorkers…

Welcome to the official New York City (NYC) hub of the Nature Network! This site is designed to facilitate communication among all NYC scientists and develop an active and integrated scientific community in the NYC area. We hope to initiate discussions and collaborations among local scientists, broaden your perspectives on research conducted in NYC, and create platforms for scientific growth in the NYC community. Not to mention, participating in the NYC hub is a great way support your local scientific community and connect to fellow scientists with common interests.

Whether you are already a member of the Nature Network or are relatively new, the NYC hub is a great resource for your scientific development in the city. There are several exciting features of the NYC hub that are available to Nature Network users. All members are invited to read the blog posted by the Nature Network NYC-hub team, Barry Hudson and myself. Our blog will report on a variety of topics relevant to the NYC scientist, ranging from research in the NYC area to sci-cultural events going on throughout the city. We’re hoping to address topics of interest to you, so feel free to participate by reading the blog, commenting on posts, and sharing your ideas and desires for future posts. You can find regular postings under the Blog section of the NYC hub site.

In addition to the blog, the NYC hub will also have a local forum where members are free to discuss any topics of interest to them. Here, members are able to share their ideas with the local scientific community and connect with other scientists. You can find regular postings under the Forum section of the NYC hub site.

The NYC hub also offers a daily calendar of scientific events going on in NYC in the Events section. These events include academic talks at local universities, meetings of university clubs and organizations, museum exhibits and events, and special-topic discussion groups going on throughout the city. Additionally, you contact us if you are interested in posting an event to the calendar. The NYC hub has also partnered up with Naturejobs to help you find the right science job in the NYC area. The Jobs section offers both weekly-featured jobs and tagged postings.

Finally, a special feature of the NYC hub is that it is maintained and promoted with the help of local NYC scientists, with the idea that active recruitment of members to the NYC hub from within the NYC-scientific community will help to build a stronger and more connected network of scientists. You can view and connect with the NYC-hub team and other local users by checking out the People section of the NYC hub. We hope you find the NYC hub a valuable resource and invite you to participate in the development of an active, NYC-scientific community.


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    Martin Fenner said:

    Congratulations to your shiny new hub.

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    Eva Amsen said:

    Ooh, fancy! Congrats from Toronto as well. We’re especially jealous of your newly-won ability to list events on something other than a forum.

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    Caryn Shechtman said:

    Thanks Matt and Eva. Our success with the NYC hub means more local hubs in the future, so let’s make this a worldwide effort!

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    Bob O'Hara said:

    Oooh, I’ll have to remember to check what’s happening if I pop over in the near future.

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    Caryn Shechtman said:

    That would be a tough one Henry, even with you blogging experience. Always good to dream big though (insert jovial sarcasm here)!

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