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#NYCscitweetup tonight!

Those of you on Twitter may have noticed that I’m back in New York this week and keen to meet any local scientists or sci-comm folk. As Scientific American’s new Blogs Editor, Bora Zivkovic is also in town we thought it was a good excuse for a #NYCscitweetup.

Please join us from 7pm tonight in the "Kilarney Rose. ": We’ve reserved a space upstairs – ask for John or Noel if you have any problems finding us.

Hope to see you there!


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    Bob O'Hara said:

    Yay! Say hi to Bora from Grrl and me.

    You’re only a couple of blocks from a much better bar – O’Hara’s.

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    Lou Woodley said:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Bob! I’m a long way from being a local so this was a crowd-sourced choice of venue 🙂 We might have to check out O’Hara’s later in the evening or next time we do this…

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    Lou Woodley said:

    It was great to meet so many local (and even, Philly-based!) sci-comm tweeps at this event and I’m pleased it’s now going to become a regular thing. If you’re interested in taking part, the next one will be at the beginning of December and you can sign up for your preferred date "here": Also, keep an eye on the #NYCscitweetup hashtag on Twitter.

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