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Science Events in New York City: 18—24 June


Come out to Genspace on Monday night for PCR and pizza. Anyone and everyone is welcome to bring in a plant sample and learn how to do PCR and DNA barcoding, or to just sit back and watch, learn, and eat pizza. Genspace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting citizen science and access to biotechnology. Check out their weekend classes on synthetic biology and biotechnology.


Looking for some more citizen science opportunities? Head on out to Staten Island this Tuesday for FrogWatch USA, a nationwide, monthly amphibian monitoring program.


Wednesday night is Story Collider’s monthly event. In response to last month’s IAmScience-themed event, this month will focus on I’m Not Science. The evening will feature stories from people who “got in titanic battles with science, who skirted the edge of the unscientific backwaters, or who struggled mightily to keep the relationship with science going, and failed.”


On Saturday, the American Museum of Natural History is offering a guided tour of the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites. A museum guide will show you what these celestial objects tell us about the origins of Earth and our solar system.


The River to River Festival will be in full swing this Sunday. Help celebrate by learning a bit more about the natural history of New York City. Dr. Eric Sanderson of the Wildlife Conservation Society will reveal the island of Mannahatta that Henry Hudson stumbled across more than 400 years ago and explore what it means for our city today.

Check out our Google calendar below for other science events around the city, and if there’s an event that you’d like us to add to our calendar, let us know!


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