Science Events in New York City: 28 May — 3 June

This week is the World Science Festival in New York City. If, like me, you took a look at the schedule a few weeks ago and saw that all of your favorite events were sold out, look again. Several new salon-style events were recently added and there are still tickets available for plenty of events and several free events this weekend. Here’s a list of some of the upcoming WSF events around the city as well as other science-y events this week.  Read more

Story Collider: I Am Science

Ben Lilllie and Erin Barker of Story Collider (I'm not that great of a photographer)

Who is a scientist? How does one become a scientist? Is there some sort of sacred path from college to graduate school to post-doc to professor that magically makes you a scientist? Along those lines, if you didn’t happen to follow that path, does that mean you can’t be a scientist?  Read more

Bringing Technology and the Humanities together: THATCamp NYC

This weekend, humanists and technologists will come together for THATCamp to discuss several ways that museums can use technology. THATCamp is an informal, collaborative unconference that brings people together from different areas and interests to discuss and solve problems.  Read more

NYC Wildflower Week: 12 — 20 May

NYC Wildflower Week: 12 — 20 May

New York City may not conjure up ideas of wildlife and wilderness, but even though concrete and skyscrapers do abound, there are still opportunities for nature enthusiasts to experience the out-of-doors, and what better way to do so than through one of the events for NYC Wildflower Week? This week, several conservationists, biologists, gardeners, and just interested New Yorkers will present over 30 events to showcase New York City’s 53,000 acres of open space and 778 native plant species. Events are taking place in all five boroughs. Check out the Greenbelt Native Plant Center, the only municipal native plant nursery in the country, in Staten Island, take a tour of the Queens Botanical Garden or the New York Botanical Gardenin the Bronx.  Read more