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Data Science Hackathon & Data Science in NYC

On Saturday, I was a judge for the Data Viz Competition at the NYC Data Hackathon, part of the world’s first global data hackathon. Along with my fellow judges Cathy O’Neil and Jake Porway, we gave an award to the team that best found a  nontrivial insight from the data provided for the competition and managed to render that insight visually.  Read more

Predicting the Sea: Science and the City

It’s been a little over a year since the deadly tsunami hit Japan and the resulting nuclear disaster at Fukushima. There’s been a lot of talk recently about what we’ve learned from that disaster, how the devastation might have been prevented and how we might act differently in the future.  (See the Nature News special on the Japan earthquake here and a recent list of reports on the disaster here.)  … Read more

Inspiring Women Scientists 2012

The “Inspiring Women Scientists” event on Wednesday March 21 was, in a word, inspiring. The event was hosted by the CUNY Graduate Center and the Feminist Press.  Bringing together women scientists across disciplines and from several career paths, the event celebrated the  inroads that women have made into scientific careers while recognizing the barriers and difficulties that still exist. I think that many women, myself included, are likely to disregard the existence of gender barriers in the workplace. However, as Claudia Dreifus, science writer for the New York Times and author of Higher Education? stated:  … Read more

Scientific American Tweet-Up at the American Museum of Natural History

Scientific American Tweet-Up at the American Museum of Natural History

Scientific American and New York’s American Museum of Natural History will co-host a tweetup and reception on the evening of Wednesday, January 18. Attendance is free for people who follow both @sciam and @amnh on Twitter—but space is limited, so people need to apply to attend.  Sign up here.  Read more