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So long…we are now over at SpotOn

So long...we are now over at SpotOn

The New York blog is no longer being updated, although you can still read the archives. If you’d like to find out about discussions in NYC on how science is carried out and communicated online, you can check out the new SpotOn events microsite. SpotOn stands for science policy, outreach and tools online and reflects the three main discussion topics that the monthly NYC events cover:  … Read more

Can Wine and Chocolate Help You Live Forever?

Too good to be true? A compound that may treat cancer and diabetes, improve cardiovascular function, increase your lifespan…AND it’s found in wine and chocolate!? A quick Google search for resveratrol will unearth pages of companies trying to sell you the “fountain of youth”, a few warnings “not to believe the hype”, and even a few scientific studies thrown in for good measure. So what’s the truth? Resveratrol: wonder drug or over-hyped?  Read more

Story Collider: I Am Science

Ben Lilllie and Erin Barker of Story Collider (I'm not that great of a photographer)

Who is a scientist? How does one become a scientist? Is there some sort of sacred path from college to graduate school to post-doc to professor that magically makes you a scientist? Along those lines, if you didn’t happen to follow that path, does that mean you can’t be a scientist?  Read more

Bringing Technology and the Humanities together: THATCamp NYC

This weekend, humanists and technologists will come together for THATCamp to discuss several ways that museums can use technology. THATCamp is an informal, collaborative unconference that brings people together from different areas and interests to discuss and solve problems.  Read more

Save the dates! 5th World Science Festival coming to NYC May 30-June 3 2012

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 5 years since the first world science festival here in NYC. The event is a series of lectures and science-related events, including plays, outdoor events, and of course lectures from some of the most well known scientists and science expositors.  Read more

Engineering Careers, Consulting, and Startups

Last night I attended the senior dinner for graduating Columbia engineers and sat next to a student who was going into consulting. The company she’s going to work for, she said, recruited heavily, and offered a diversity of experiences, which appealed to her because she said she wasn’t quite sure yet what she wanted to do with her life. She admitted that she would probably not use any of her undergraduate STEM education.  Read more