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The Best of Nature Network: 2-8 October 2010

First, a warm welcome to Julia Zichello, whose new blog Evolverie will form ‘A collection of research, ideas, hypotheses, whims and spins on evolution.’


The Science is Vital rally in London takes place tomorrow (Saturday 9 October). Several bloggers have coveyed their support on Nature Network this week. Most notably Sara Fletcher gives a very personal account of why she considers science to be vital, relating the role of medical science in saving her mother from breast cancer. Austin Elliott can’t attend the rally, but publishes a letter to his MP that others might wish to emulate. Stephen Curry can attend the rally, and sets out reasons why you might want to do the same. Join the Facebook group and follow on Twitter for regular updates. Sign the petition.

Brian Derby uses this week’s Nobel announcements as a further proof of the power of UK science, with awards going to Andre Gein and Konstantin Novoselov (both at Manchester University) and Robert Edwards of Cambridge. Cartoonist Viktor Póor had an alternative take on the Physics prize, which concerned the discovery of graphene. Linda Lin, meanwhile, discusses this years Ig Nobel Awards.

On the Nature Protocols blog, Chris Surridge discusses how to make a Mobius strip with DNA, William Lu looks at research into personality changes as we age, Jennifer Rohn grapples with an over-frozen lab freezer and Tom Webb warns of the dangers of over-reverence towards Darwin.


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    Austin Elliott said:

    Bit surprised you haven’t mentioned my post on the recent re-discovery of Francis Crick’s letters, including the ones from the time of the solving of the DNA structure. They were written up in Nature, after all…!

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    Julia Zichello said:

    thanks very much for the mention. 

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