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Science as seen on screen – part V: Video Vote Results

The grand finale to our mini-series on science as seen on screen.

This month we have been running a mini series on science as seen on screen. We have supplied links to science video resources, have watched a clip of the first ever science documentary, and have provided some top tips for budding science TV presenters and film-makers.

In our last post we asked you to judge the best Nature Video. Voting is now closed and the results have been collected. This can only mean one thing, we have a winner!

And the winner is……

Congratulations to Lego Antikythera mechanism video that scooped up 42% of the vote and now officially holds the title of Best Nature Video, as voted by Nature Network readers. Thanks to everyone who took part.

Why not take a look at the statistics?:

Results for Video Vote.JPG

And finally don’t forget to watch the video:

Lego Antikythera mechanism video


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    Viduthalai Rasheedregi said:

     it deserves the nature best video!

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