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Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting – Monday’s Storify #lnlm11

The first full day of this year’s Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting began today with a morning of plenary sessions by six of the Laureates. To capture the live tweeting around these talks, as well as video and blog content, we have created a Storify storyboard. Do check back as we’ll be updating it as more coverage is published, as well as creating additional Storifys for each day of the rest of the conference.

You can also find this Storify mirrored on the official Lindau Nobel Community site.

Other Coverage

Generation zap


In this post, The Economist reports on the events of Monday, the first day of Lindau, with lectures ranging in topics from telomeres to ribosomes:

The real business, though, began on Monday morning, with lectures ranging in topic from the synapses that allow nerve cells to communicate via the telomeres that stop chromosomes unravelling to the ribosomes that assemble proteins out of amino acids according to instructions transcribed from the genes in a cell’s nucleus.

Chromosome ends tied to life history, chronic diseases


John Timmer at Art Technica summaries thw first plenary talk at this year Lindau given by esteemed Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn:

But Blackburn used her talk at the Lindau Nobel Laureates meeting to argue that all sorts of diseases were associated with changes in telomerase activity, and that the chromosome ends provide a readout of a person’s life history. And she’s got a robot that’s busy generating data to back her up.


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