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Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting – Thursday’s Storify #lnlm11

The penultimate day of this year’s Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting began with a morning of plenary sessions by four of the Laureates followed by a panel discussion on, “Being a (Responsible) Scientist.”

To capture the live tweeting around these talks, as well as video and blog content, we have created a Storify storyboard. Do check back as we’ll be updating it as more coverage is published. You can find Monday’s Storify here, Tuesday’s here and Wednesday’s here.

You can also find this Storify mirrored on the official Lindau Nobel Community site and don’t forget to check out a summary of all the latest blogging coverage.

Other Coverage

The future of medicine: we’re decades away from the huge advances


John Timmer reports on the panel discussion that focused on the future of biomedicine. He highlights the main points from the meeting:

The panel discussed the promise of stem cells and personalized medicine, but felt that it would be decades before much of this promise will really come to the fore. But that doesn’t mean that big gains in health aren’t possible in the short-term—it’s just that they don’t involve progress in the field of medicine.

You can hear more of Nobel Laureates Prof. Dr. Aaron Ciechanover’s thoughts in the post.


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