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Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2011 – the multimedia grand finale

Lindu wrap

This year’s meeting of Nobel Laureates was dedicated to Physiology and Medicine, as 24 Nobel Laureates gathered on the picturesque island of Lindau, ready to respond to the eager questions from early career scientists. Set on Lake Constance, the meeting provided a rare chance for selected young scientists to meet with Nobel Laureates for a gathering of plenary discussions and informal conversations.

Throughout this year’s Lindau conference, there was detailed blogging coverage on Nature Network as we brought to you a full week of Lindau reporting, linking out to all of the blogs, talks, discussions and Storifys collating the tweets surrounding the conference. We also launched an updated social media site, aggregating all Lindau coverage, serving as the event’s interactive hub. The site includes the official Lindau blogs in English, German, Spanish and Chinese, as well as gathering all Twitter, Flickr and any external blogging activity, eliminating the tiresome task of searching for up-to-date coverage. So if you wish to share in the experience and even watch the videos from last year, make sure you add the site to your bookmarks!

Video coverage

Interviews with Nobel Prize winners can’t fail to be interesting and over the last few weeks we have been bringing to your attention a collection of Nature Videos capturing some of these discussions. These personal mentoring sessions are at the heart of the Lindau experience, where young scientific minds can question the already accomplished. Nature Video captured these sessions and have been releasing a new video each week, giving us a glimpse into these exclusive conversations. This week the very last video in the collection has been released:

Hungry for knowledge with Oliver Smithies

Oliver Smithies is a toolmaker. He shared the Nobel prize for discoveries that led to the development of knockout mice. Diego Bohórquez uses mouse models to understand how our gut regulates appetite. He has wanted to meet Smithies ever since he moved from his native Ecuador to Duke University in the United States. When the two meet in Lindau they have an instant rapport and soon they’re sharing ideas about their research projects and talking about what makes a successful scientific collaboration.

Make sure you tune into the full collection here.

Ask a Nobel Laureate

Sadly not everyone had the opportunity to attend this year’s meeting, so throughout the conference we gave anyone who had a burning question for a Nobel Laureate, the opportunity to ask away. Whether you wanted to know what it takes to win a Nobel Prize, or were just interested to see what drives these renowned scientists to success. You can now read all of the updated answers to the Q&A questions on the Community site, so do have a read.

Nature special

For further reading on this year’s meeting, make sure you check out the latest Nature Outlook that examines the areas of biomedical science that challenge and inspire these pre-eminent Nobel laureates.


We hope that you have enjoyed this year’s coverage and we are already anticipating next year’s meeting. If you have any feedback please feel free to get in touch.


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