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Introducing the nature.com blogs XII – the NYC blog

We’re almost finished introducing you to each of the blogs in the new look nature.com blogs network. We’ve already heard about the blogs run by journal and portal editors such as the News blog, the Spoonful of Medicine, the Sceptical Chymist,  StepwiseNaturejobsTrade Secrets IndigenusHouse of Wisdom, Methagora and Free Association.

We’ve now move to look at the nature.com Communities blogs -we started with the London blog and now hear about the NYC blog…


Welcome to our new-look blog for discussions of all things New York science!

Back in 2009 at the inception of this blog, NYC blogger Barry Hudson highlighted some of the reasons we started a scientific blog centred on science in New York:

With the city also being the financial and cultural center of the U.S and perhaps the world, what is the role of science and scientists in this metropolis? New York isn’t lacking when it comes to science, boasting 15 nationally leading medical research institutions and medical centers in  addition to over 50 bioscience companies. These institutes include Columbia University, Rockefeller University, Beth Israel Medical Center, Weill Cornell Medical College, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and boast an impressive combined 127 Nobel laureates.

New York continues to be a centre for some of the world’s best science activities and as the New York science community grows and expands, it makes sense that our activities there evolve too. This blog will be one way of communicating about the Science Online NYC (SoNYC) events that we organise every month, as well as highlighting the other science-related activities taking place.

Some things you can expect to find on this blog:

Events Calendar

The NYC blog hosts a Google calendar listing scientific events  in NYC. These events, as well as SoNYC, will include academic talks at local universities, meetings of scientific organizations, museum exhibits, and science discussion groups going on throughout the city. Do contact us if you are interested in posting an event to the calendar or becoming an admin.


Science Online NYC (SoNYC) is a monthly discussion series organised by nature.com and Ars Technica, hosted at Rockefeller University. Every month we invite a panel to seed a discussion on a particular scientific topic. We’d like to crowd-source the discussion topics for SoNYC as much as possible as this helps to keep the debates centred around topics of current interest.

You can relive the past SoNYC events by reading our Storifys or watching our livestream archives.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future events so that this becomes a regular, inclusive opportunity for the discussion of all things related to how science is carried out and communicated online. If you’d like to propose a topic, please send Lou Woodley an email (l.woodley@nature.com). The aim is to make these meet-ups as interactive as possible; so if you join us at the events, do bring your ideas, your experiences and your enthusiasm for a lively debate as you meet other like-minded NYC sci comm. folks.

You can find us on Twitter (and by searching the #sonyc hashtag) and also on Facebook.


Our blog will also report on a variety of topics relevant to the NYC scientist, ranging from research in the NYC area to sci-cultural events going on throughout the city. We’re hoping to address topics of interest, so do let us know if you have any requests!


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