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Communities Happenings – 30th April

Communities Happenings is a weekly post with news of interest to NPG’s online communities. The aim is to provide this info in one handy summary. Listings include tweetups and conferences which we’re attending and/or organising as well as new online tools, products or cool videos. We also occasionally flag up NPG special offers and competitions plus updates about NPG social media activities such as new accounts you might want to follow. Do let us know what you find most useful!

SoNYC’s Birthday

This month, SoNYC, our monthly discussion series in NYC about all aspects of communicating and carrying out science online, turns one! We recently summarised all of the past SoNYC events; you can read the recap of the events from the science communication and outreach strand here, online tools for scientists and digital publishing here and the implicational issues – legal, policy and community here.

SoNYC is co-organised by Lou Woodley of nature.com, John Timmer, Science Editor at Ars Technica and Jeanne Garbarino and Joe Bonner at Rockefeller University – stay tuned for personal posts from the organisers complementing the celebrations.

We’re hosting a party on May 2nd to celebrate where we are handing the mic over to the audience so that anyone who would like to participate will get five minutes to show off their favourite online tool, application or website that makes science online fun. Here’s waht you have to look forward to:



To warm up for the demos, we’ve also been featuring a series of guest posts on Soapbox Science where a range of scientists share details about what’s in their online science toolkits. You can follow the online conversation on Twitter with the #ToolTales hashtag and you can read Mary Mangan’s Tool Tale here, Dr Peter Etchells’s here, Alan Cann’s here, Jerry Sheehan’s here, Boris Adryan’s here, Anthony Salvagno’s here, Daniel Burgarth and Matt Leifer’s here, Zen Faulkes’s here, Jenn Cable’s here, Mike Biocchi’s here, and Susanna Speier’s here. Stay tuned for more posts today and tomorrow. Why not let us know how they compare to the tools that you use in the comment threads?


If you aren’t already aware, nature.com’s SoNYC model has been replicated to other locations in the US and Canada.  Thursday 16th April saw the launch of the first of these, Science Online Seattle (#soSEA), who hosted a well-attended debate on the changing landscape of online science. Co-organised by Liz Neeley, Jen Davison and Brian Glanz, you can read a summary of the event, including a Storify here.

The next soSEA will take place on the 14th May, from 19:00 to 21:00 and will discuss: Visualizing Data. You can find more details here. If you can’t attend, they’ll be streaming the event live at http://new.livestream.com/scioWC/ and you can follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #soSEA.


Thursday 19th April the launch of Science Online Bay Area (#SoBAY) who hosted a debate on the topic of data visualization and data journalism in science. You can read a summary of the event, including a Storify here.

Stay tuned for details of the next SoBAY event. You can also check out the SoBAY website and find SoBAY on Facebook  and Google+.


The third of these new events was  Science Online Vancouver (SoVAN), who hosted a popular debate on the topic of, “Where do you get your science?”  You can read a summary of the event, including a Storify here.

The next SoVAN will take place on the On 17 May, from 19:00 to 21:00 at the TELUS World of Science. Stay tuned here more details.

Events elsewhere

Our scientific events calendars have been freshly updated to include the latest scientific events. Make sure you check them out. Please do get in touch if we are missing any events or if you would like to contribute to this calendar or any of the other calendars listed below.

London Science Events

Cambridge Science Events

DC Science Events

NYC Sci Comm events

Boston Science Events

San Francisco Science Events

Paris Science Events

Nature India joins Google +

This week saw the launch of the Nature India Google+, make sure you check it out and circle.



Don’t forget that you can find other NPG journals and products on Google+.  See our circle featuring all the NPG Google+ pages. This circle will be continuously updated as and when accounts are created.

New Nature Network Blog

We would like to wish a warm welcome to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology (JID) who has set up a new blog on Nature Network. Moderated by  Lowell A. Goldsmith, MD, who has over 40 years of experience in treating patients with skin diseases, the JID Jottings blog will supplement the primary information published in JID and other journals publishing research related to skin, its function and its diseases:

Our aims are to 1) establish a virtual cocktail party, where readers find lively, interesting, useful conversations; as the tavern-keeper, my role will be to keep the glasses filled, conversation hopping, and brawls to a minimum; 2) provide historical context and comment on the conceptual and practical challenges related to research; and 3) broaden the reach of the JID by interesting a wide community of investigators and clinicians who care about the scientific basis of medicine and health. Ideally, I am envisioning more of a salon, than a saloon, and at my best moments I can be Gertrude Stein. No doubt our readers and commenters will enjoy riffing on that one.

You can find out more about the blog here and stay tuned for their next post.


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