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September’s SoNYC: The $1,000 genome is here – are we ready? #SoNYC

On Thursday evening, we hosted the fourteenth installment of the monthly Science Online NYC (SoNYC) discussion series. This month’s event was back at the Rockefeller University and the topic for discussion was the $1,000 genome – are we ready?

 Ion Torrent has claimed that its latest sequencing machine can produce a human genome for under $1,000. Are we ready to handle and understand the flood of data that will be coming out of this and similar machines? Our panel will discuss the trajectory of DNA sequencing technology, and look at other techniques that are in development, and might contribute to our big data glut. They’ll also consider whether we have the right tools to understand the information these technologies are generating, and what we might need to take full advantage of the era of cheap genomes.


  • Matthew Herper who covers science and medicine for Forbes.
  • Ronald Crystal, the Chairman of the Department of Genetic Medicine at Weill-Cornell Medical College, who has had his genome sequenced and analyzed it himself.
  • Virginia Hughes, a freelance author who has written about her experience with the 23andMe genotyping service.
  • Manish Ponda of Rockefeller University, who has experimented with other -omic type analyses.

Blog posts about the 14th #sonyc

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Live-streaming and video archiving

We live-stream each SoNYC event to give as many people as possible the chance to take part in the debate. Check out this month’s livestream, or take a look at our archives where you can view the previous meetings.

Finding out more

Stay tuned and/or watch the #sonyc hashtag for more details about the next event which will be held mid-October.

If you have a suggestion for a future panel or would be interested in sponsoring one of the events, please get in touch.

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