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Communities Happenings – a weekly round-up of NPG online news 8/7/13

Watch Scientific Data’s short video

Have you heard about Scientific Data, Nature Publishing Group’s new online only, open access publication for research data information? Find out more about what a “data descriptor” is in the short video below and here

Lab Smash

Flying petri dish frisbees, exploding glass flasks…It can only be Lab Smash, the new Facebook game from Naturejobs. Perfect if you’ve got the experimental blues and need to relieve some frustration 🙂


Ready to smash it up?

soundcloud screenshotNature Publishing Group joins Soundcloud

Last week, we launched our brand new Nature Publishing Group Soundcloud account, where we’ll be sharing the Nature podcast each week. More details here.

Listeners can interact with what they are hearing better than ever before – you can comment at a specific point in the track to add your thoughts to the discussion, share the podcast with your friends and followers, and see which our most popular episodes are. Users can listen online, or download apps to listen via their smartphones or tablets.

nature.com blogs – a collection of blogs from editors and other staff at NPG

In our latest Soapbox Science guest post, Luke Devey talks about his scientific career and leaving academia:

In the end I knew I had to leave my comfort zone to explore how else I could make a difference to patients and, so far, I’m glad I have.

Do share your experiences in the comment thread. 

For a summary of this week’s blogging content, check out the week’s best of NPG blogs including: hallucinations, internships, a Google doodle, art and science, plus lots more!

Scitable – Nature Education’s network of science blogs

Scitable bloggers have jumped on news that Japan may be doing a lot of whaling under the guise of scientific research by putting up a series of blog posts about whales. Kate Whittington has a comprehensive primer about the issue, also suggesting that the controversy may be due to a collision of science, commerce and culture; Alexis Rudd wrote about science’s alternatives to whaling; Bradley Voytek looks at the awesome nervous system of the whale (and reveals more than one mindblowing factoid); Sedeer el-Showk examines the convergent evolution of whales and bats. More posts about whales are planned for this week.

Len2040 on Flickr

“Name an element” responses. N = 400

SciLogs.com – a blogging network

Alex Brown blogs about language, science and the science of language in Do you speak science?. Not only does Alex come up with some astute and wow cases where language with science is just weird but he’s also real funny. Last week for instance, he’s started a competition called the Periodic table of elephants where readers pick an element’s name and assign it a new (preferably geeky) meaning. You’ve until tonight to submit your entries!

Here is Malcolm Campbell’s highly recommended weekly list of the best science stories.

Its back! You pay the new Impact Factor

To celebrate Nature’s new Impact Factor we are once again offering you the opportunity to subscribe at an exclusive limited time rate of only $38, £38 or €38. Details here.




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